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2021 Notes

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Hey Greg I think you forgot about me last week. We need to fix a few things on the website to make it more user friendly. First thing is we have at least a dozen calls saying they can’t register. I would tell them to hit register twice then scroll to the bottom and hit RSVP. It is confusing for a lot of people. Is there a way to make it easier ? Also we need to change the verbiage of RSVP to preregistration or something to that effect. Then once they get in there instead of TICKETS. Say something like “1 vehicle pre entrant”. A lot of people figured it out but a lot were confused thinking they had to buy tickets to get into the show and could not figure out how to register. 


Also for next year we state preregistration will end on September 6th and you may register at the show until Saturday at the show 11am registration will close. Something to that effect. So many people calling saying are you guys full? It shows registration is closed. 


Ok so now I want to take your advice from last year and get things rolling for next year. Our photographer will get you the pictures and we can open registration for 2021 September 10,11 &12. We want to pay you now for getting things going and ready for next year. How much wdo we owe you for that. We will use some of our left over marketing money to get you paid. If that makes sense. 


Just trying to get this info to you while it is fresh in my head.  We really appreciate you! Thank you for everything! 



Live Bands - Food/Drink - Cars!


YOU CAN STILL REGISTER AT THE SHOW!  If you still need to register, we are ready to take your registration at the event!  Thank you.

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